Stop the Spread of Dangerous Spores

Make your home in Windsor, ON safer with mold prevention services

One of the biggest problems you'll face after your home has suffered water damage is mold. It can also pop up in rooms with high humidity, like basements and laundry rooms. Stop the spread of mold before it becomes a problem with mold prevention services from Aerus of Windsor.

We'll locate potential sources of mold in your Windsor, ON area home and install dehumidifiers to keep mold from growing in the first place.

Treat your home with mold prevention measures today.

5 signs mold might be making you sick

You might think you don't have a mold problem if you don't see black spots on your surfaces, but the spores can still be in the air. If you're experiencing unexplained allergy-like symptoms, you may be suffering from mold exposure.

Prolonged contact with mold can cause:

  1. Skin rashes.
  2. Nasal congestion.
  3. Coughing or difficulty breathing.
  4. Throat irritation.
  5. Eye irritation.

Our mold removal services can protect your loved ones from dangerous substances. Call 519-944-7800 now to schedule mold removal services in the Windsor, ON area.